Security Consultant

Security Consultant

Our consulting service is formed by a team of experts in each subject, led by one or several Security Directors with university studies and are official authorization by the government. We have a long career and excellent curriculum in this field, having been awarded nationally and internationally for our excellent work in this field.

We are experts in carrying out high-performance security projects, including risk analysis, the project and its implementation. During the process we train the future operators of the plan and assist them so they can solve any threat that manifests itself.

We have shown with our plans that we, not only achieve the best, but also the most appropriate to the needs determined according to the detected risk, also achieving excellent cost savings and effective loss prevention.

We seek the excellence of our plans and projects, therefore we have a large group of experts in specific areas and with great experience in them. We adapt the work team to the needs of each project, always coordinated by a security director.

Our risk analysis evaluates all possible threats from any social, natural, human perspective .... We use a wide range of databases as well as interviews with key people to obtain the necessary information for our analyzes. The delivered analysis marks the needs of each plan in the most efficient way.

We do not abandon our clients, we offer a maintenance service for the plans, performing new risk analyzes periodically and evaluating the new threats. We perform pen-tests and adapted drills.