Our research services are composed of the best team of professionals, detectives and criminologists, with top-level university training and the best equipment to carry out their duties.

We have a great experience in research, having solved cases of all types and levels throughout the world.

Put your trust in the best team of professionals in Europe and MENA. Our budgets are tailor-made. We will always advise you to choose the most appropriate service to get the best results, with the lowest possible expenses according to your needs.

A research service, requires the utmost confidentiality given the special sensitivity of the cases that requires it, in addition, an error in the investigation can seriously affect the contracting party, since it exposes their intentions. Therefore, place your trust only in the best professionals in the sector, trust Shadow Lynx Investigations.

We provide private investigation services for:

  • Business
  • Lawyers
  • Individuals
  • Insurance companies
  • Institutions
  • In the following areas:

  • Labor
  • Financial
  • Leases
  • Technical research
  • Biological criminalistics
  • Reconstruction of traffic accidents
  • Fairs, hotels, department stores

We also provide for all customers a forensic cybersecurity and an electronical eavesdropping detection sweep (bug sweep).

*Ask about your case and budget without commitment.