- Cybersecurity -


Cybersecurity today is a very important element in the protection of our companies and personnel, all our data is stored primarily on hard drives and storage units, both physical and logical.
You can see how the attacks to this data are constant, per example, in accounts in the cloud of public people, theft of photos, videos, etc. And in the business world, data theft of the company, directors, shareholders ... And physical attack to servers to destroy information or take some kind of sensible data about the company.

We can offer in cybersecurity the below items:

Service of training the employees of the companies in cyberdefense in order to prevent possible attacks like social media, men in the middle, etc.
Service of recovering the loss or damaged information on laptops, hard disks, servers…
Security copies and backup of the information
Service of erasing, without possibility of recovery, all information on the devices.
Audit about protection of hardware and software, with physical and logical methods.
And cover all your needs in this area.