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SHADOW LYNX gives the most professional security in Europe and MENA region.

" Demand protection "

Shadow Lynx is born from the experience of its founders, trained and experienced in the Defense, Security, Research and Business Management sectors. Our company is the project developed over the years looking for the integration of all security matters to form a comprehensive security always at the forefront. In a world where security and information are increasingly important, Shadow Lynx offers the best weapon to combat present and future threats.

From Shadow Lynx, we take into account the location and specific characteristics regarding the country and area where we carry out our work, adapting our services according to the existing needs and threats.

Our history has given us awards and recognized mentions in the field of security, research and work. But our greatest reward is the tranquility and confidence of our customers.

Our premises

Your safety is our priority. All our work is maintained on an immovable basis. They are the 3 pillars of our company: Confidentiality, Quality and Attention.


Our field of work is very sensitive for our clients, and therefore, they place their trust in us. Therefore, confidentiality is so important to us. Our commitment is that we handle the information of our clients with great care, giving special importance to the treatment of information, flowing only through the channels that are necessary. Access to information is highly restrictive and is maintained in the safest way. Our staff is trained and controlled, ensuring a low profile to guarantee absolute confidentiality.


We are not just any another company in the market, we focus on seeking the highest quality, this is why in all areas in which we act we seek excellence, from the training and formation of our staff to the technology and equipment we use. We always implement the last generation of technology, to always be at the forefront.


Our clients deserve the best attention, for that reason we are available 24 hours and we treat them always like the first day. Our service doesn’t end in the sale of products as in most companies, we keep a close and friendly contact. The important thing for us is that we and our customers always stand together no matter the situation, they will never walk alone. This is proven by the fact that our customers always stay with us.


Our security services integrate all branches the same way, being a specialist in each material and responsible for each of them. Thanks to this we get the highest quality in our services.

After our studies and risk analysis, we carry out the security master plans where we propose and implement integral security using the most modern and precise techniques and systems for the needs of each client.

• Static surveillance (security guards)
• Dynamic protection (escorts)
• Transportation of funds
• Investigation
• Cybersecurity
• Active Security (Means of detection)
• Video surveillance
• Passive security 

Our staff goes through specialized and specific courses in our company, which contains an evaluation that is necessary to be able to work with us. They are required annual physical tests and mandatory refreshed training for their continuity. This way we manage to maintain the best service and quality in the market.

We are equally demanding the best from us and our staff, and also from the technology that we sell. We demand from our suppliers the best service and the best products, all of which are tested to the required level. We have a wide range of products and we always use the most suitable for our client's needs.

Security Consultant

• Security Directors with High-Performance • Security Projects • Risk Analysis

Security Services

• Security Guards • Close protection • Fund transports • Cybersecurity • Fire inspection (FRS) • Drivers • Investigations • Drone security

Special security Services

• Shadow 0 (Logical Security) • Shadow 21 (Special Alert or High-Risk Situations) • Shadow 8 (International Relations and Projects)


• Shadow 0 • Shadow 21 • Shadow 8 • Institute VANGUARD • Praees Intelligence


Advanced counter-terrorism course • Advanced Weapons Shooting Course • Driving • Course for victims in tactical combat TCCC • Civil Military Operational Course (CIMIC) ...

Principal Clients

• European Companies • Travel agency • Air Operators • Embassies • Shipping Companies and Consignees • Production Companies and Televisions • Malls • Banks ...

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We have staff available 24 hours for any kind of urgent service.
Contact us and we will give you a quick answer to your security needs.
Do not worry, you are not alone.


Our corporation encompasses all areas of security and research, we have our Vanguard Institute, specialized in training at all levels, being in the field of advanced training, where we mark the great difference.
And of course, with Shadow Lynx, the international security company, where we have the maximum quality personnel, the means, and our system of integration of the sectors, offering the most intelligent option for every need.

Shadow Lynx

Vanguard Institute

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Shadow Lynx SARL
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